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Illuge is a demoness seen briefly in the original 'Devilman' manga, notable for being the first demon directly encountered by Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka. Despite her short appearance in the manga, Illuge and her somewhat controversial appearance has become a somewhat iconic image of the franchise.


At first glance, Illuge appears to be a normal human female with long black hair wearing a body-length cloak. However, once she disrobes, it is seen that she has sharp teeth, wings forming from her arms, and on her crotch area she has a second reptilian face, with a huge serrated mouth and a long forked tongue.


Illuge can fly using her wings, and her lower mouth can emit sonic waves capable of shattering glass and can call for reinforcement.


After detailing his best friend Akira Fudo on the origins of the demon race, Ryo Asuka decided to drive Akira home. However as they drive down the narrow road, they see it blocked by a strange female figure in a cloak. Suddenly, the woman casts her cloak aside to reveal her horrific form as the demoness Illuge. She then lets out a scream through her second mouth which completely shatters the car windows, and in turn, tirggers a signal allowing for her devilish allies to come down and attack. Ryo and Akira turn the car around and rush back to the house trying to outspeed the attacking demons.


  • Illuge is the first demon in the series that Akira Fudo encounters firsthand.
  • Illuge was twice planned to have figures made of her, once with Marmit and later with Fewture Models. Neither was ultimately made.