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Illuge was a minor demoness from the first episode of the anime series Devilman Crybaby.


Illuge had a humanoid appearance, she was very large with a vaguely human looking body with grey skin. She has long dark hair and two oddly placed pink eyes. In place of arms she had a pair of colossal bat wings. Around her crotch was a pair of large yellow lips with a extended yellow tongue poking through.


Illuge can fly with her bat wings and was seen chomping a man in two with her vagina jaws.


Illuge was among the menagerie of demons that were summoned at the Black Sabbath held in a dilapidated old church. Her spirit entered the body of a girl in the middle of sex, as she fused with them she tore her partner in two before flying off and killing more of the frightened party goers.

Illuge was likely killed alongside the other demons when Akira Fudo fused with the demon Amon and began to slaughter the demons.