Illuge was a female avian demoness who served as a minor antagonist in the animated film, Devilman: The Birth.


Illuge had bright pink skin and long messy black hair. Her crotch formed into a large toothed mouth with a long tongue and splayed horns. Her feet had large claws and her arms formed into wings with large warped claws replacing the hands.


Illuge could fly using her wings, and her lower mouth could emit sonic screams capable of shattering glass at ease. Unlike her original counterpart her hands were replaced with deadly crab-like claws.


After Akira had discovered the truth of the demon kind thanks to the Demon Mask, given to him by his friend Ryo Asuka, he prepares to leave with Ryo.

However as they are going through the hallway to the buildings exit, Illuge's sonic scream powers out, shattering all the windows. Then, as if on cue, the octopus-like demon Texsch, and spider demoness Gardalza break in through the ceiling and chase the two through and out of the house. They escape in Ryo's car, however whilst driving they find the bridge smashed with Illuge standing on the other side. She roars as throws away her cloak before she swoops down and attacks them. The duo get out of the car, and Ryo shoots Illuge in her lower the mouth with his shotgun, causing her to fall down. After getting a distance, Ryo then shoots his car twice blowing up the engine and killing Illuge.


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