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Irufuno was a small pixie like demon that appeared briefly in the original 'Devilman' manga, seen briefly at the start.


Irufuno had a humanoid appearance, resembling a young nude woman. She had a pair of large dragonfly like wings on her back, and short curled hair, she had black eyes and a larger pair of compound eyes on her head with some lengthy antenna atop them.


During her short appearance, Irufuno showed no special powers other than flight.


After being urged by Ryo Asuka to don the mysterious Demon Mask, young Akira Fudo was bombarded by strange and arcane visions of demons.

Irufuno is among the many various devils seen by Akira. She is seen in a scene of bloodshed, as the large beetle-like demon Waze, plucks her form the sky and rips her in half with his mandibles, killing her.