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Irufuno is a minor demon from Devilman Grimoire. She is partnered alongside Ryibyi to capture Tsubasa Rainuma, but is killed.


Irufuno had the body of a skinny woman with short hair. She had blank eyes and a large pair of compound eyes at the top of her head. She had a pair of dragonfly like wings on her back.

Powers and Abilities[]

Irufuno was able to hover and fly using the set of dragonfly-like wings attached to her back.


Irufuno partnered with the leaf demon Ryibyi. Both attempted to capture Tsubasa Rainuma in a park by cornering her. However Tsubasa kills them both using her psychic powers, making them explode. 

It is later shown Irufuno was resurrected in a Black Sabbath held by Dr. Rainuma. Once she had merged with a human she went on a killing rampage slaughtering the unchanged humans alongside her fellow demons.

In a flashback to the Cretaceous era, she is briefly seen fleeing from Zennon's thunderbolts amongst other demons.