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Irufuno was a minor female demon who appeared in Devilman: The Birth.


She appears as being somewhat pixie like with huge luna moth-like wings and abdomen protruding from her head and going down her back. She has cerulean blue eyes and a proboscis for her mouth. She also has a pair of antennae and patches of blonde coloured fur covering her hands, feet, and genital area. She has the body of an attractive young woman.

After fusing with the demon plants, her face becomes more human like losing the proboscis and gaining a regular mouth and nose, her body becomes infused with the tree and multiple gashes open on her body allowing for purple vines to protrude outwards.


Initially Irufuno only seemed capable of flight. However after her fusion she could spew vines and release a large bubble-like net.

History []

Irufuno is the first demon seen after Akira dons the Demon Mask, she flutters down to a clearing in the Demon Jungle and takes a drink. While she is doing so, a monstrous stag-beetle demon named Waze sneaks up on her. As she is finishing her drink, she suddenly detects a change in the air current around her and turns toward Waze, whom was about to lunge at her. Luckily for her, Waze's attack misses and she flutters away into the sky. But, just as she escapes from Waze's razor sharp mandibles, she is attacked by a second demon; a large lungfish like demon, whom promptly rips off her right arm and upper right wing.

Badly injured from the attack, she crash lands on the jungle floor where she encounters a cluster of demonic plants. She quickly fuses with them and for good reason. Waze had been chasing her. After completing her fusion with the demon plants, she snares Waze in a tangle of tendrils and vines. As she drags him closer to her, she smiles menacingly at him and then laughs at his impending death. Once she drags him close enough to her, she finalizes her fusion to the demon plants by ripping her own body open, revealing a pair of horrific maws. As the scene concludes, Irufuno fires some sort of fleshy trap from her body maws and compresses Waze until he explodes in a shower of blood.