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Iwao Himura was a arrogant art student that went to the same school as Miki Makimura and Akira Fudo. Unlike other incarnations, this Himura is completely human.


Himura was a slender boy, he had styled hair with sideburns, a spiked back and quiff. He looked pretty damn ugly as well.


Himura was fairly pretentious and had a badly hidden crush on Miki. He was openly rude to Akira because of this.


Himura was painting a portrait of his oblivious crush Miki Makimura when Akira Fudo walked in and mocked Himura after he failed to insult him. This annoyed Miki however and she leaves with Himura, painting under his arm. 

Outside, there are then set upon by the fire demon Abil who knocks the two of them out before fleeing with Himura's portrait, to further his own fiendish plans.


  • The original Iwao Himura was just a human disguise for the bat demon Himmler, this version however was just a human who never returned after his initial appearance.