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Jacon was a purple feline demon who tricked people into giving him their souls which revitalised his youth. He is the primary antagonist in the episode 'Demon Beast Jacon, The Living Ghost'.


Jacon's true form was a purple cat with elongated legs, arms, tail and neck with effeminate features, with red lips and green eyes.

He could also turn into a small normal looking cat, the only difference being was purple fur and green eyes.


Jacon was able to steal the souls of those he tricked into his farce deals, the souls kept him young and strong. He could emit electrical beams from his eyes and run at fast speeds. He was also able to jump between dimensions.


Jacon was sinister and prudish, he delighted in devouring the souls of those he absorbed. He was also on good terms with Muzan, with the Demon General paying his respects to the demon in his death.


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  • Jaconfamily

    Jacon in the manga 'The Abashiri Family'

    Jacon appeared as a antagonist in the Go Nagai manga 'The Abashiri Family', as a part of Muzan's attempt to kill the eponymous crime family. Noticeably, the design here uses elements seen in Jacon's original concept design (Such as the pig-tail horns) but is also noticeably female rather then a effeminate male.
  • That wasn't the only time that Jacon's concept design saw use as it was later seen in the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.
  • Jacon's name has also been translated as Giacon and Jagon in official material.
  • In the manga Devilman Grimoire, Jacon returns though his role is combined with Nafiro, another cat-like demon that originally appeared in the very first Devilman manga.