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Jacon was a soul stealing feline that was sent to try and defeat Devilman.


Jacon appeared in three different forms over the course of the story. The first was a headless figure in a large trench coat, the second was a small purple cat with white socked feet and underbelly. His third and final form was a large skinny feline with extremely long limbs and large hand-like claws with hoofs on his back legs. At the end of a long neck is a cruel face with two long horn-like pigtails. 


Jacon was able to steal the souls of humans and make them his slaves. He was able to shape shift between his different forms with ease and could run at fast speeds. He would use use horns and claws for close combat.


Jacon was a spiteful devil that was loyal to his species, and vindictive to humanity and its defender Devilman.


Late one night, Jacon hunts down and slays a man on the road, tearing of his head. Moments later he is summoned by his master Zennon to defeat Devilman.

Transforming into the appearance of a innocent, albeit purple feline, Jacon walked into Nakado Academy and used his ability to steal the souls of Akira and Miki's classmates, rendering into mindless puppets. Akira arrives at the school and in spite of the confusion he spies the purple cat hiding at the back of the class and tosses it out of the window.

On the ground, Jacon transformed into his true form, a skinny and grotesque cat creature with large horns and attacked, using his speed to his advantage, however Devilman quickly got the upper hand and killed the demonic cat.