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Jeanne D'Arc (also known as Joan of Arc) was a a real world French woman who fought and won great victories for the Christian Church at just seventeen years old after she was spoken by what she believed to be God. In the manga Shin Devilman she is seen getting ready for battle just before the start of the Siege at Orleans.


Jeanne D'Arc was a young French woman around seventeen years of age, she had red short hair and was seen wearing a suit of 15th century French armor.


Jeanne was a pure woman who was entirely devoted to the Christian faith, wishing to spread good will but also stop suffering if it means fighting against enemies that completely deviate from her beliefs. She is also not blind in her beliefs, as seen when she considers Akira Fudo an angel in the form of a devil.


Just as Jeanne gears up for the Siege at Orleans, she hears some disembodied laughter and is suddenly plucked out of time and pulled into the Timeslip and finds herself standing outside the Court of Hell. She wanders inside only to be set upon by several men while another sitting at a large desk challenges Jeanne and accuses her of having dabbled in witchcraft.

Shocked, Jeanne tries to answer back but she is mocked by the men who slowly turn more and more demonic as they start to tie her up. She continues to try to fight for herself but the demons constantly rebuke her and mock humanity. Eventually the leader of the demons Magistrum votes to have her stripped nude and burned alive. However Akira Fudo sneaks in and interrupts them, transforms and rips the demons to shreds. Magistrum is finally killed and the Court of Hell tumbles down behind them. Akira walks over to Jeanne who whilst initially frightened is calmed down when Akira explains to her that she was pure and takes her hand as he delivers her to her own time.  

Back in normal time at the Siege at Orleans she looks around in shock. One of her soldiers asks what the matter was and she says to him that she had just met an Angel and proceeds to battle as she finishes with "in the form of a devil".


  • The events of the Court of Hell actually mirror what happened in Jeanne's real life trial as well as her execution. In the Devilman universe, this may explain how she was able to more easily stand up to her accusations.