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Jeanne D'Arc in Hell is the second chapter of the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Ryo and Akira drift through the Timeslip aimlessly, only able to comfort one another, before the voices of demons start breaking through. They watch as a large swarm of devils glides through the Timeslip, and break through into the 1400's France and snatch Jeanne D'Arc out of time, and bring her to their own pocket dimension, the Hellgate.

Jean is set upon by demons, led by the villainous Magistrum and put on trial for attempting to bring an end to the 100 Years War. Her attempts to defend herself are rebuffed by mockery and ridicule. Magistrum ends the trial and decides to have her burnt at the stake for supposed witchcraft. He sets his minions to strip her nude, but they are stopped by the sudden arrival of Akira, who transforms and defends Jeanne from the demons. Some of the devils flee but many try to fight, and are all quickly slain. Magistrum is set upon by Akira, who twists his head off as the Hellgate crumbles around them.

Jean is then returned to her own timeline, on the battlefront, with a small historical footnote following detailing her ultimate demise.