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Jewel was a large diamond demon sent by Lacock to cause chaos. He was an antagonist in episode 27 of the original Devilman anime. His true form was a diamond ring.


Jewel was a large humanoid demon with a large glistening body made from diamond. He had  large crest of his head with a pair of yellow and pink eyes underneath, as well as a set of mandibles. he had a long tail which he could retract back and fourth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jewel could create razor blade like halo and fire them from his forehead, he called them the Diamond Cutters. His body was impenetrable to most attacks and he could extend his tail and use it like a drill.


A strong demon confident of his power and loyal to his mistress Lacock.


Jewel was sent by Lacock as the first of her many troops to cause murder and chaos. Jewel created thousands of diamond rings and had them rain from the sky. Anyone who wore them would then be psychically contacted by Jewel and he would tell them to rob banks or cause anarchy.

Devilman encounters Jewel by accident in the sewer when he was trying to avoid them demonessLala and confronts him, however Jewel hits him with several of his Diamond Cutters causing Devilman to fall into the water. He pulls Jewel down with him but has his back drilled into by Jewels tail. Weakened greatly Devilman stumbles back as Jewel prepares a final blow, however Lala finds them and disguises herself as Devilman and taunts the confused Jewel allowing for the real Devilman to sneak up behind him and use the Devil Arrow, killing Jewel.