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Jinmen is an antagonist in the Devilman prologue part of Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman OVA's. He is voiced by Hochu Otsuka.


Jinmen closely resembles his original manga incarnation; resembling a massive anthropomorphic turtle with a green shell and a beaked mouth, but with maroon skin instead of green. On the back of his shell are the faces of his various killed victims. There are pale markings on his forehead and has large eyes with yellow sclera and black irises. His arms, legs, and tail are all very muscular and further displayed by Jinmen's strength.


Jinmen is a cruel and highly sadistic demon in great comparison to a lot of other demons displayed in the series. It would even be fair to call him outright evil. He torments his victims by keeping them alive on his shell; their screams, cursing, and pleas giving him great pleasure. This also extends to finding new targets, using ties some of his victims had with another person against them to torment and distract them so that he can savagely beat them or use their faces as shields while playing with a person's morality. However when this doesn't work, he is shown to be rather cowardly, warning his opponent about the lives on his shell as an excuse to keep him alive; which is more than likely a bluff.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jinmen's most notable ability is eating his victims while keeping their faces and consciousness alive by adding them to the back of his shell. This serves as a way to please him and to guard against enemies, especially the more morally inclined kind. He is also capable of flight by tucking in his limbs with jets of hot air coming out of them. Jinmen possesses powerful strength and sharp claws, allowing him to grapple with enemies for periods of time. Jinmen can also extend his limbs a short distance and his hands can heat up to such a high degree that they burn enemies on contact.


Jinmen had killed the girl Sa-chan and called out Akira Fudo to a fight. Making himself known by displaying his shell, Jinmen introduces himself to Akira as he becomes Devilman. During the fight, Jinmen torments Devilman about the faces on his shell including Sa-chan. Sa-chan however convinced Devilman to kill her as she did not want to live as part of a monster. Akira begrudgingly obliged striking Sa-chan's face killing her. Jinmen panics using the other faces on his shell to play with Akira's emotions. Devilman however only tears the shell off of Jinmen's back, killing him.