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Jinmen (ジンメン Jinmen?) was a major antagonist from the anime series of Devilman Crybaby. He is responsible for the deaths of Akira's parents Reijiro and Kaori, afterwards using Rejiro's body as his human disguise.


Jinmen was a large, bipedal turtle-like demon with particularly long arms. After merging with Akira's father Reijiro, he assumed some of his features such as his hairstyle. The most distinguishing trait were the faces of many people covering his shell.


as Jinmen would appear insulted that a human would consider defeating him, and expressed contempt of humanity towards Ryo. He would content with many various of faces he has murdered adorning onto his body.


Jinmen could keep living death masks of those he killed off onto his body who retained their feelings and memories. He would have voluntary control over his sharp tail, able to extend and wield it with precision. This included the ability to use it to cut the upper portion of his own head off, and still remain alive and was able to speak by gurgling in the pool of his own blood that remained.


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