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Jinmen (ジンメン Jinmen?)
Jinmen-back (009 vs

Jinmen in Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman

was a large hunched turtle-like demon with a very sadistic personality. Because of his monstrous actions he has become iconic for what he provides for Akira.


Jinmen (Manga): Jinmen's first appearance, killing a friend of Akira to lure him out.
Jinmen (CB Chara): Jinmen is sent to try and stop Akira, but is quickly decapitated by Miki Makimura. Afterwards, he spends the rest of the series as Akira's talking head companion. This is the only time Jinmen has been a reluctant ally.
Jinmen (Grimoire): Operates under a human disguise under the name of "Mr. Death-Mask" he acts as a serial killer targeting human and demons including Illuge.
Jinmen (Shin Violence Jack): Having merged with the leader of the New Shu Army, he forges an alliance with the Skull King, acting as one of his chief subordinates.
Jinmen (Devilman vs Hades): Fights with Devilman with enhanced abilities.


Jinmen (AMON): Having a vastly differing design to his original, this Jinmen doesn't even come in contact with Akira.
Jinmen (Crybaby): Possessed Akira’s father Reijiro and then kills his mother Kaori to lure out Akira.
Jinmen (009 vs. Devilman): Comes into conflict with Akira Fudo.
Jinmen (OVA): Jinmen, now with a more jagged appearance, murders and devours Akira's mother Suyako Fudo.

Live Action[]

Jinmen (Live Action): Appears to fight Akira in a forest after killing his friend.