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Jiro was a large dog demon that was owned by Susumu's Mother. It serves as a minor character in the Devilman manga.

Appearance []

Jiro was a large dog with a thick fur coat. It had pointed ears and a sharp set of fangs.


The dog seemed absolutely besotted with Susumu's Mother and would follow her every command, be it play nice with Susumu, or be feral and vicious, depending on the situation.


Jiro was a large dog that was brought and trained by Susumu's mother to beat and maim the child each night before his father got home from work.

One night Susumu met with his friendTare Makimura who he told everything to, in kindness Tare said he could stay at his home for the night, however on the way they encounter his mother and Jiro. Surprisingly they both appear friendly towards the boys, with Jiro affectionately licking at Susumu's hands. Not wanting to endanger Tare, Susumu tells his friend he made the story up and goes home with his mother. At home the two begin attacking Susumu before his father arrives home, the child cries at the mans feet trying to tell him about his mothers misdeeds, only for it to be revealed his father had been overtaken by a demon named Ditoss. The three then proceed to violently murder Susumu.