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Judah Hiroka was one of the primary antagonists of the manga Devilman Lady. He was the leader of the Cult of Dante, as well as part of the Demon Lord Zennon.


Hiroka's real form was a gigantic centaur-like demon. His head resembled a typical Japanese Oni with large teeth, tusks and various horns. He had spiked ears and thick messy hair covering most of his body. He had large spikes on his elbows and a barreled chest. His lower body was that of a horse including a tail.

His human form was a tall, thin and chiseled priest with slicked back hair and sideburns, long eyebrows and a sharp nose with piercing eyes.

When fused to make Zennon his face resembles a midpoint between his human and demon forms, whilst looking human it is twisted and ugly.


Hiroka was a smug demon who was confident in his actions, believing the vicious and menacing Demons and Devil Beasts to be the most powerful and supreme lifeform. He only doubted himself when Dante was briefly controlled by Ryo Utsugi.

However, his time as a part of Zennon did show that he cared for his troops, and was the one to criticize Satan for this after many had been slain by Devilman. He is also shown to worry about Maria who was also part of Zennon.


Judah possessed a great many of powers, among those shown was super strength and speed, telepathy and the ability to control minds including an army of genetic Devilmen should they fit a certain criteria such as great bloodlust, he could also sense when danger was near.



Hiroka is seen constantly acting as the right head of Zennon, criticizing Satan for having fallen in love with Akira and how he has lost many of his best demons.

Devilman Lady:[]

Hiroka had gathered several intelligent Devil Beasts into his cult with Maria's help in order to prepare for the coming battle against H.A.. He then makes his move to recruit Ryo Utsugi, using his fascination with the work of Dante Aligheri and their own demonic powers to get him into Hell to wake up the Demon King. By the time H.A.'s Devilmen attacked, Hiroka and Maria showed their true forms quickly turning the tide of battle by getting some of the more beast-like Devilmen to turn to their side. He and Maria confront Lady, pinning her down until Lady uses her power she learned from in Hell to turn into a giant and retreat. Hiroka, Maria, Liger, and a Bird Devilman then meet back in Tokyo, fusing with the body of the Demon King to once again become Zennon.