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Juliano was a young male preist who served as a christian missonary, it is revealed his death however that he was a Devilman.


As a human Juliano was a handsome man with long brown hair. After his Devilbeast form emerges the main difference in his appearence was a set of large fangs, however as he had been rotting in the ground several days before his transformation his skin had mostly decomposed.


Sometime during the Sengoku Era, Juliano and a group of other missionarys came over to Japan. They passed through the Kugatsu Hot Springs, however Juliano stayed as he had fallen in love with the cheif of the Hot Springs daughter Omitsu and she shared the same feelings towards him, however the pepole of the villiage were heavily against their love,so they attempted to flee the villiage in search of a better life one night and reach quite a distance, however they are stopped by her father and several of the men from the villiage who stabs Juliano to death with scythes and knifes, they bury his body and mark it with a rock. However not mutch later the villigers start to die in horrible ways each with all thier blood drained. Some of the survivors go to the place they buried Juliano only to discover his body absent from the grave. Shortly more and more villagers died, any who tried to escape were killed until only Omitsu her parents and a few other survivors were still alive, in the early morning Juliano killed them all apart from Omitsu, he died sometime after but not before having a child with her.