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Jun Fudo in the Devilman Lady (Anime)

Jun Fudo (不動ジュン Fudō Jun?) is the main protagonist of the spin-off series Devilman Lady, where she along withLan Asuka battled against the Devilbeasts. While portrayed as a gender-bent version of Akira Fudo, her personal struggles have made her more unique. Jun is often portrayed as a sensitive person in her human form but as her alter-ego Devilman Lady, she is much more vicious. Jun has since appeared in other media due to her popularity, often as a cameo or guest appearance.

  • Jun Fudo: The main protagonist of Devilman Lady; after her transformation into Lady, she is thrown into conflict with Devilbeasts that appear throughout Japan and even encounters Akira Fudo in Hell.
  • Jun Fudo (TV): The main protagonist of the Devilman Lady anime series; here Jun is portrayed as a self-loathing individual with many admirers but is ultimately unable to accept herself.
  • Jun Lan: A supporting character in the manga Devilman Grimoire, she is a teacher at Miki's school involved with the swimming instructor Aoi Kurosaki and later becomes a Devilman.