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Jurad was a female demoness from Devilman Grimoire, she is part of a group that was killed by the newly awoken Amon.


Jurad was completely white, she had the body of a well endowed female woman, she had blank eyes a a large many toothed mouth, she was coverd in long tentacles coming out of her back and her head.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jurad had long and extendable tentacles which she could use to rip through human flesh with incredible ease, her powers were apparently based on scollops and vines.


After Miki Makimura failed in an attempt to summon demons to help some girls try to find their missing friend Michiko Kawamoto; several cloaked figures approach them. They ask if they had seen a missing girl. With no purpose or information, the figures reveal themselves to be demons. Miki, Akira, and the other two girls cower in fear. Jurad extends her tentacles and impales the youngest girl before pulling her in close and ripping her to pieces. 

With Akira and Miki about to killed by the demons, gathers her strength and attempts to summon a demon again. This time she was successful and Amon arrives, merging with Akira and dominating him. Amon kills Massack and then Magoad, Doroma jumps him and tries to kill him but Amon throws him off and he falls onto Jurad. Amon then slices them in half. Doroma dies and Jurad is immobilized. Amon moves in for the final strike, with Jurad begging for her life by allowing her to fuse with Amon and allowing him to use her powers. But Amon scoffs at this and rips her head off.


  • Jurad's design is based on an unnamed demon from the original Devilman manga. However, her name is from a different demon.