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Kadaloph was a minor demon seen briefly in the original Devilman manga after Akira Fudo had donned the mysterious Demon Mask.


A reptile-like demon he had a stubby nose and a large tooth sticking in his mouth. Centred on his head was a small fin. He had wide eyes and a big, gaping mouth.


Kadolph would presumably be able to cause some damage through his large single tusk.


At the request of Ryo Asuka, the young Akira Fudo donned the mysterious Demon Mask, where upon he was instantly bombarded by bizarre visions of strange, arcane demons during the Cretaceous era of Earth.

Among the demons Fudo saw, was Kadaloph, who was seen among a small group of demons that also included Ocunnup. His group was descending down upon another small group which included Eztumn, Kobik, Urigaros and Onkazar. Presumably a fight broke out just after.