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Kagol was one of the demons present at the Black Sabbath in the animated film, Devilman: The Birth.


Kagol was a humanoid demon. He had black skin with bumped blue markings across his body. He had a single large fish like eye with another on his chest. He had large sharp teeth in his jaws.


Kagol was shown to be able to fly, however any other powers where unknown.


Kagol was one of the demons who were present at Ryo Asuka's Black Sabbath. Kagol is first seen possessing one of the guests at the Sabbath roaring as he did so. Shortly after, when Akira had transformed into Devilman for the first time, flying into the air Kagol chases after him trying to kill the newly formed hero, however Akira attacks him by surprise and snaps his neck before throwing Kagol's body to the ground.


  • In the origonal Devilman manga, Kagol was never present during the Black Sabbath slaughter, instead he was seen during Akira's visions after having donned the Demon Mask, and later on shortly before the climax of Akira's battle against Sirene.