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Kaim (カイム Kaimu?) was Sirene’s partner and a fellow demon who was sent to investigate Amon’s disappearance and learn of Akira’s power.


Kaim was a massive quadrupedal pachyderm-like demon, he had dark yellow plate-like armor covering his body with the face area being a lighter shade. It had two colossal horns on its shoulders that resembled stone. His face had a narrow view with symmetrical spiked protrusions coming off of his head, the bottom half featured teeth-like on the lower jaw, has black markings around his eyes.

His human form he was well built man with short brown hair and an accompanying beard. He wore pale colored suits.


Kaim's massive horned shoulders were capable of piercing through flesh and bone and were used to charge into foes. He was also able to use them to conduct electricity and unleash powerful discharges from them.


He was fiercely in love with Sirene and was not afraid to proclaim his feelings to her, although she mainly dismissed them. unlike most of the demons in Satan’s army, Kaim was quite calm and was patient in most of any situation and looked down upon other demons for their lack of control and insatiable bloodlust.


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