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Kaim was a large pachyderm like demon from Devilman: The Demon Bird, he was deeply in love with his friend Sirene and unlike most other demons Kaim wasn't inherently evil.


Kaim was a massive pachyderm like demon his entire body was covered in armored plates with black detailing across them, he stood on all fours and had a long tail, he had a pair of massive black horns on either side of his shoulders.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kaim had a massive amount of strength, and could spear into foes with his horns while charging at a good speed and was able to emit powerful rays from his horns. However this may only be an after effect of merging with Sirene.


As stated not inherently evil, but instead incredibly devoted to his love Sirene and more than happy to sacrifice himself to bring her momentary victory.


After a lengthy battle with Devilman, Sirene fled now with fatal wounds she pleads the Demon Lord Zennon to send help. He does so by sending an armada of lesser Demon's and Kaim. Kaim confesses his love to Sirene telling her to merge with him so she could defeat Devilman, before killing himself by removing his head so she could merge with him. She runs up to him and merges, she used her new power to defeat Devilman and nearly kill him but before she could kill him her body finally gave out from her wounds and she dies in a statuesque form.