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The Kamigaku Track Team Manager was a minor character in the anime Devilman Crybaby. He took the scores of the Kamigaku Track Team as he sat in seemingly idle bliss in his wheelchair. 




He is quiet and keeps to himself, though is attentive to maintaining and updating track and field records.

Later on, after gathering alongside the other Devilmen, he expresses his rage at what Satan has done and would help Akira out while killing them.


Throughout most of the series, he is shown sitting in his wheelchair and watching the track team, while sometimes catching insects with his tongue.

In the final episode, he, along with many Devilmen, appear before Akira to aid him in his fight against Satan. As he transforms into his Devilman form, he curses Satan and states that they will not let Satan get away with what they have done.


  • His Devilman form bares a notable resemblance to that of Masaru's Grandfather, both possessing similarly shaped heads and having two right arms and one left one.


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