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Tare in Devilman Kensaku

Kensaku "Tare" Makimura is the younger brother of Miki Makimura. In all versions of the story, he is given his nickname 'Tare' (which means drip) due to the fact he wets himself uncontrollably when he is scared.

  • Kensaku Makimura (Manga): More of a background character, having little to do until the final few chapters, where he is horribly murdered by his past friends and neighbors.
  • Kensaku Makimura (TV): At first he is used more for comic relief, but as the series goes on he gains a larger, more specific role.
  • Kensaku Makimura (Amon): Miki's younger brother, serving much the same role as the original manga.

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