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Kensaku "Tare" Makimura was a supporting character in the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta. He is the adoptive brother of Akira Fudo and goes on several adventures with him.


Tare is a small young boy, he has large exaggerated eyes and short dark hair.


Tare was a jolly child, constantly teasing his friends and family members, especially his sister Miki. He still loved them and had a girlfriend named Miyo. when he is frightened he would frequently wet himself, much to his shame.


Tare was a energetic young boy that would frequently play pranks on his family. He would often fall victim to various demon schemes and attacks, and was possessed on more then one occasion by the demons Gondoroma and Vetra. Thankfully his adoptive brother Akira Fudo was a half demon warrior, and would always be there to get Tare out of trouble.