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Kentos is an antagonist in the seventh chapter of the Devilman manga byMitsuru Hiruta.


Kentos was a large harpy-like demon. He had pure white feathers and giant birds wings. He had blue skin and a large pair of yellow eyes. He had pointed ears and a long tail with a small snake-esque head at the end, his arms and legs were large bird talons tipped with razor sharp claws.


Kentos main ability was to create magical necklaces from his loose feathers, the necklaces would be able to teleport the limbs and body parts of who was wearing them to his own dimension, leaving only a shade behind, other powers included flight, and being able to control his razor sharp feathers, he also had sharp claws and a great amount of strength.


Kentos was a sadist through and through, he took relish in the pain, killing and mutilation of others. He was also very prideful and spoke in great detail about his pretty feathers.


Kentos flew high across the moonlit sky of Japan one night as he dispersed his feathers. Upon contact with the ground the feathers transformed into beautiful alluring necklaces.

The next morning the pieces of jewellery were found by passers by, instantly drawn to them the people would place them around their neck only to suddenly find their heads trapped in a hellish dark limbo, home to the devilish Kentos. The demon gloats over the "foolish" humans and begins to cruelly ponder how he would begin mutilating and murdering his sea of trapped people.

Among Kentos victims was Kensaku Makimura, who's plight was immediately brought to the attention of his adopted older brother Akira Fudo. Akira went out and gathered several of the demons necklaces before tying them together into a loop big enough to fit his body through. He enters the loop and transforms into Devilman at the other end.

Squaring off against the feathered fiend, the two begin to fight, with Kentos viciously attacking with his claws. However in spite of Kentos sadistic and cruel nature, he was no match for the power of Devilman who quickly killed the demon with Devil Beam, frying him.