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Kimishima was a young Japanese girl that was being forced into prostitution against her will by her teacher, Mr. Okawa.


Kimishima was a pretty girl. She had long brown spikey hair that reached her lower back. She was described as having a very well developed body for her age.


She was a troubled girl, she was uncomfortable about her situation but deadly afraid of going against her abuser, in fear of what would happen. When it finally came down to it however, she proved to show guts in the face of her terror.


Kimishima is first seen in a restaurant sitting alone while Mr. Okawa talks business with a thin and rather grotesque looking man. Okawa calls Kimishima over and introduces the two, before sending the two on their way to a secluded apartment. Kimishima has uncomfortable sex with the man and when she started to cry, it only excited the man more.

Shortly afterJun Fudo had returned to teaching, Kimishima asks to speak to Mr. Okawa alone, hoping to leave the grim business. He takes her to his office, but was too nervous to ask if she could quit. Okawa then forces himself on Kimishima, and after finishing he promises to give her a raise.

Later after Okawa had managed to flee from a battle with Jun Fudo, who had discovered his bestial form and nature, he dresses and prepares to leave the school. However Kimishima calls out his name, and stabs him in the heart with a knife, as he turned to face her. She starts to cry and flees the scene. She was spotted fleeing by Lan Asuka, who covers up the incident by making a official statement that Okawa died in a car crash.