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Kira's Teacher was a small and petty human being, who wore his insecurities upon his sleeve. He was a minor character in the short manga 'Devilman: Strange Days'.


The man was incredibly frail and short. He had dark hair styled in a side parting, a gaunt face with a upturned nose, thick rimmed glasses and a weak chin. He wore neat suits in both his appearances


The man held a massive inferiority complex, so wrapped up in his demand for respect from his students, that he refused to even acknowledge when Zennon appeared right outside his classroom window. He held nothing but dissmisive hatred, likely stemming from some kind of jealousy, of any of his "creative type" students, among these were the "detestable rockers" Ryuu Kasuka, Rokurou Ozu, Kira Udoa and the frequently truant Makippe Mikimura, when the Anti-Demon Corps came to the school asking for names of potential demons, he singled out these students without a second thought.


The man spent a resentful living teaching at M City High School. He had unearned bitterness towards many of his students, including the rocker-types. He was first seen during a lesson teaching history to Kira and his classmates, shortly before the arrival of Demon General Zennon. The teacher was getting into a relentless uproar over his "bad students", and was in such denial of circumstance he didn't even acknowledge Zennon on his grand reveal, and instead went on teaching, despite the whole class paying attention to the demon instead.

Shortly after, when the Anti-Demon Corps came to the school looking for any potential demons hiding among the student body, the teacher was only to eager to accuse Kira, Ryuu, Rokurou and Makippe. Having done so, other teachers use this as a excuse to start suggesting any student who had made their life even slightly uncomfortable. All except Hige Gojira, who looked down on them in disgust.