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Kiyoshi Maeda is Lan Asuka's secretary as well as the driver and ally of Jun Fudo.


Compared to most members of H.A. Maeda treats Jun as a human being, acting as an important friend to her, even being one of the few to calm her down as Lady. These feeling eventually grew into love, as such he notices how other people are affected by Jun including Tatsuya Yuasa. While loyal to Asuka for the first part the series, he became suspicious of her and upon finding her real plans turned his loyalties to Jun which eventually cost him his life.


As secretary to Asuka, Maeda has access to much of the documents and reports of H.A. He is able to hold his own in a fight armed with only a combat knife, even against a Devil Beast. However, as he is still only human, Maeda cannot overpower a Devil Beast. Maeda also has great investigation skills, being the first to figure out Asuka's plan before anyone else.


Maeda would usually be seen giving Asuka his reports and driving Jun to certain locations. At times, Maeda would be the one to calm down Devilman Lady's during some of her bloodlust filled rampages. With Asuka's activities growing ever stranger, Maeda went to investigate the matter, finding documents about Asuka's real plans. Horrified, he wanted to inform Jun but was caught by Asuka who shot him in the head. His death was made to look like it was done by someone else to throw off suspicion. Maeda's death deeply affected Jun as she lost more people she cared about afterwards.