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Kizak was a small horned demon who appeared in the original Devilman manga.


Kizak was a tiny little demon with long messy hair two curled teeth and a large horn. His eyes had dark markings around them.


Kizak was one of the many demons seen as Ryo Asuka explained about the origins of the demons race to his best friend Akira Fudo.

Kizak could be seen amongst a large group standing at the bottom row, the group included Jilot, Hegaritar, Ijuk, Zoumue, Rogot, Arubirou, Mosque, Ninote, Ledak, SidosDunkan, the Unnamed Tadpole Demon, the Unnamed Crazy-Eyed Demon and the Unnamed Fuzzball Demon.


  • While likely coincidental, Kizak's design closely resembles that of a Japanese Oni. Go Nagai would later use a similar design to Kizak's on the Dororon Enma-Kun character Slipsqueak.