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Kukun (real name Mayuta) is a rapper and label cleaner who lives near Miko's building. He often appears to make small-talk with her after seeing her continuously seeing her planting and watering flowers.


Kukun was a youthful man with a lean body figure. He has light brown hair with the lower half shaved, while the upper half is worn in dreadlocks style. He is almost always seen wearing his trademark yellow sunglasses that cover his brown eyes. He wears a pink short-sleeved jacket over a yellow shirt as well as jeans covering his knees. He also has a few tattoos on his body which were including concentric circles on the back of his hand, had the letters on his fingers that write butterfly, and a few other tattoos on the back of his neck area.


Kukun seems mild mannered and was easygoing. He likes to express himself through fast-paced rapping. During one time, he expresses his anxieties about how to present himself to other people as well as stand out. He often felt invisible as no one even outside his gang seems to have notice him. because of this, he has several self doubt about himself, to the point of finding a kindred spirit in the equally socially hindered Miko. he also expresses interest in flower language.


in the past he had inherited his crippled father's job of removing labels and caps from packages to recycle them in Yamanote. Because of his poor upbringing, he was unable to attend major schooling. He eventually joined Wamu's Gang and gained the nickname "Kukun".

as he later transports the labels and caps, he would often passes by Miko's place. as He watches her water her snapdragons, as well as witnesses the strange whimpering noises, unaware that they are also Miko's. When he first approaches her, she mostly ignores him, thinking he just wants to use her to get close to Miki Makimura. However, as he would denies this, and soon realizes Miko's name was Miki as well.

following The next time Kukun and Miki meet again, as he confronts her about the whimpering, as Miki would snap back at him. In response, he then breaks out into a heartfelt created rap about how he feels invisible and inferior among his friends. It was also a rap about Miko, not just himself, he would use to express that he understands her much more than she initially believed. She realizes this quickly enough and begins to shed tears in response, causing Kukun to worry he had upset her.

Kunkun would take her to his home, where they exchange words about their lives. When Miko tells him she feels she will always live in Miki Makimura's shadow, as Kukun tells her she was wrong, and that he believes she was smart, hardworking, and was cute.

as The two later attend a Sabbath party, where Kukun asks Miko to dance with him. as Miki would accept, but just then the two are soon attacked by a demon, leading to Miko's transformation into a Devilman and the result of Kukun's death. It is safe to assume that Kukun died at the sabbath party, the same place Junichi died.

It would remain unclear exactly how Kukun died. shortly after the Sabbath party, his friends lost all contact with him, and in the following episode his severed tattooed fingers were shown lying on the ground. however In the ninth episode, Kukun's sunglasses fall out of Miko's purse and this made Hie recognizes them, with this incident hinted to be the reason behind him turning against the others.

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