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Lacock in the Devilman (Anime)

Lacock was originally from the Devilman TV series. She was the final and most powerful of the three Demon Generals sent by Zennon to kill Devilman and take the Earth for the Demon Race. Using the various demons she had serving her she tried several times in vain to defeat him, before finally facing him herself and being defeated.

  • Lacock: The original, after the death of Muzan she was sent to try and defeat Devilman herself.
  • Lacock (Isako): She tries to kill Devilman in the Isako manga, with failed results.
  • Lacock (Dynamic Heroes): Seen briefly in a flashback as Devilman thinks of the past threat he had encountered.
  • Lacock (Gekiman): Makes a brief appearance in the semi-autobiographical manga
  • Lacock (Saga): Major villain in the Devilman Saga manga series, this is the first time since her creation that she has appeared in the main line series.

See Also[]

  • Cruel: Taking form of a young teen super model, she becomes a major antagonist in the story and brings about the collapse of civilisation alongside her generals.