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Demon Marshall Lacock was a powerful demoness and enemy of Devilman. She appears briefly during a flashback in the mass crossover manga Dynamic Heroes.


Lacock was a humanoid demon with great radiant beauty and light grey skin. She had long billowing white hair and black pupil eyes, a large bust and pink fingernails. She wore a large purple flowing dress with tattered pink sleeves, the dress had a large, pointed collar. She had a large mask that covered the top of her head with long pointed sleeves for the horns on the side of her head and a large blue horn extending from her forehead. She wore earrings and had a ring on her left hand. She's often seen ridding a large dragon-like creature, with large ears, a long narwhal-like horn and large yellow eyes.


Lacock was among the strongest of the demons. She was able to manipulate intense rays of light called starlight, teleport her various body parts, can levitate and fly, dramatically slow time, change her size, shed damaged skin, and had hair that could not be cut and can extend and be used like a whip or as drills. She had near invulnerability and battled with a whip at times.


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