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Lafleur in the 'Devilman' anime

Lafleur was a plant-based demonic seductress who used her charms to cause violence and chaos among the human land. Her true form was a colossal grotesque with thorned vines serving as tentacles.


  • Lafleur (TV): The powerful demoness was sent to deal with the traitor Devilman. She concocted a scheme alongside Himmler, but ultimately met her end during a violent battle in the sewers.


  • Lafleur (Hiruta): A giant plant demoness sent by Zennon to slay Akira Fudo. She fails.
  • Lafleur (Isako): A plant based demoness of giant size sent to kill Devilman. She also fails.
  • Lafleur (Dynamic Heroes): One of the many resurrected demonesses sent to kill the heroes of the world. She was partnered with Sirene.
  • Lafleur (Grimoire): A minor antagonist that served under Demon Shogun Atrocious.

See Also:[]

  • Unnamed Rose Bush Demon: A giant plant demon with a very strong resemblance to Lafleur's true form. They are seen attacking Angels in the Cretaceous era.
  • Unnamed Rose Bush Demon (Crybaby): Here the demon makes a brief appearance during a flashback to the Cretaceous era.