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Lafleur was a plant based demoness and the antagonist in the fourth chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Lafleur's main form was a grotesque head with flowing blonde hair that sat atop a flurry or large petals. Beneath the petals were a series of twisting thorned vines.

Her human form resembled a beautiful young blonde girl with a purple floral styled dress.


Lafleur could cause great destruction with her vines, strong enough to derail trains and tear through concrete. She could alter her size at will and change between forms. She could also create body doubles to deceive and confuses foes.


She was a cruel demoness, who specifically enjoyed the suffering of human children. She found Akira Fudo attractive, especially when he was angry and liked to tease him about it.


Lafleur was first seen in her beastly plant form sprouting out from the ground and derailing a train, laughing manically as she caused mass carnage. Later Akira was walking with Tare when he spots Lafleur causing chaos on a highway. Akira chases her into the sewer but is unable to find her. On his way out he accidentally injures Tare, giving him a light concussion.

Lafluer later confronts Akira outside his school in her pretty human guise and mocks him for hurting Tare, this enrages Akira and he strikes her across the face. She transforms into her demon form and attacks, entwining Akira in her vines, however Devilman uses this as an opportunity the ignite her vines with flames using Devil Fire. Lafleur quickly burns up, ending her terror.