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Lagudra was a large four armed demon who appeared in Devilman Lady. She served Vlava and was second in command of the Great Vlava Army.


Lagudra was several feet tall. Her main head resembled a woman with markings around her eyes. She had four large horns attached to her head and a large tuft of blonde hair going down her forehead. Her second head resembled a massive red gorilla with blank eyes and a large mouth filled with block-like teeth. She had four large arms with great amounts of strength.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lagudra was a demon of little intelligence. Instead she relied on her great strength and size for combat. She also had a long tongue she could use to pick up and squeeze smaller creatures.



  • Lagudra, or a demon closely resembling her, appeared in an illustration in the 1990 art book The Devilman. She's one of four demons who appeared in The Devilman and were, at the time, unused; the other three were Balass, Elephas, and Mearmo. Lagudra is the only one of the four who has since been used in official story material.