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Laguenizam was a minor demon from the original 'Devilman' manga, appearing as one of the many demons at the underground Black Sabbath.


Laguenizam was a large demon with a armoured body. He had pointed shoulders and razor like fingers. He had short horns, black markings on his head small sunken eyes and fat swollen lips.


Laguenizam has bizarrely shaped fingers looking like serrated little scythes, with short spiked tips.


Laguenizam was among the many demons that possessed the guests at Ryo Asuka's underground Black Sabbath party.

After merging, he could be standing alongside Gavot and Nijuteddo, and observes as what he and the other demons believed was Amon, announce themselves as the former human boy Akira Fudo. Shortly after, he is killed in the resulting carnage, among the many demons Akira slays in the Sabbath party.