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Lamag was a demon that served as a minor antagonist in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman', appearing as a part of Magistrum's court.


Lamag was a squat bipedal turtle demon with small pupil's in his eyes. He had a sharp beak and a banded neck. He seemed to have a soft underbelly.


Lamag was a bit of a dick, taking any chance he could to undercut Jeanne D'Arc. Just a rude guy overall.


Lamag was among the demons that plucked the young French martyr Jeanne D'Arc out of her own time, and into their own bizarre dimension of the Hellgate, wherein the demons, led by Magistrum, put her on trial.

He constantly belittled Jeanne, twisting her words as she tried to defend herself. However, shortly after Akira Fudo arrives and challenges the courtroom. While many of the demons flee, Lamag is seen launching himself at Fudo alongside Tronpeleph, Crokus and some other demons, and is presumably killed.


  • Lamag like several other members of Magistrum's court was based on a demon from the original manga, in Lamag's case it was Jinmen.