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Lamicabuja was a minor reptilian the original Devilman that briefly appeared towards the start.


Lamicabuja was a large reptilian demon, he had a large sharp toothed set of jaws, where deep inside were his eyes. His head seemed to resemble an alligator or a snake, with two small black eyes either side of his head.


The large alligator-like mouth around his head, could like be used to leave a mean bite of anyone that crossed him.


Lamicabuja was among the demons seen by the young Akira Fudo, after he donned the Demon Mask at the request of Ryo Asuka.

He could be seen standing among a crowd that also included Worat, Naza, Monan, Tolios, Tillag, Sirene, Bllan, Xeed, Olsat, Sirene, Kagol, Eizar, Ijam, Somerci, the Lumpy Demon and the Female Demon.