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The colossal Lamygdol was a gigantic demon of vast size and power. While only a minor character in the original 'Devilman' manga, who appears only as the alter-ego of the Devilman savant Agira, he does show up as a minor antagonist in the interquel fourth story in the 'Neo Devilman' anthology manga.


Lamygdol was a colossal demon, great in both width and span with reptilian-like features, large eyes and long sharp teeth. Its body was flat in shape with two ridges serving as wings. A thick plume of hair sprouted from the back as a long and wispy tail.


The demon was able to fly through the air with it's wings, and could emit powerful electrical beams from its body. It's large jaws and colossal size would have also proven dangerous.


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  • Lamygdol was never named in the original manga, instead his name comes from other materials such as the source book 'The Demon Bible'.