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Lan Asuka was the partner of Jun Fudo and a agent of the Human Alliance. She sent Jun undercover to investigate strange goings on at St. Chapel Academy.


Lan was a attractive Japanese-American woman with flowing blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She wears a somewhat eccentric wardrobe.


Lan has numerous psychic abilities, and is able to teleport, read minds and sense nearby danger.


Lan is very strong willed, and dead set in her duties. She has a romantic interest in Jun and grows noticeably jealous when Jun comments on Honey Kisaragi's beauty.


Lan appeared sporadically throughout the story, first showing up to give her partner Jun Fudo a new job, to investigate the strange goings on at St. Chapel Academy. 

On Jun's first day undercover, Lan appears before Jun asking is she had met anyone strange yet, Jun responds with a no but comments on the beauty of on particular student named Honey Kisaragi. Jealous, Lan teleports away, ignoring Jun's requests for help.

She later assists Jun take down a Devil Beast named Ichigo Koyama, ordering her men to fire a hail of anti beast bullets into the girl, forcefully turning her human and knocking her out. As the men tie Koyama down and take her away, Lan tells Jun to keep looking, believing there was more Devil Beasts at the school.

In her final appearance, Lan informs Jun about the terrorist group Panther Claw and its leaders Panther Zora and Sister Jill, and the android superheroine Cutie Honey that fights them.