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Late Spring in Vienna is the first chapter of the interquel manga Shin Devilman.


Late one night, shortly after the events at the Black Sabbath, Akira Fudo finds himself wandering the estate of Ryo Asuka and observes how the trees had all wilted and died over the past few days. Suddenly he hears a shout from inside and rushes in, to find Ryo under attack by a large caterpillar-like demon named Oysnas. Akira quickly transforms and sets the demon aflame before tossing it through the roof. Akira then tries to comfort Ryo, only for reality to begin to distort and for the two to fall into the Timeslip, and are spat back out into early 1900's Vienna.

Scoping out a cafe, Ryo notices the scent of a demon on a man leaving the establishment. They tail him and are led to a art studio, wherein a lone painter sat at a canvas. Inside the man spots the duo and introduces himself as Harnisch and his protege as Adolf. The two look around briefly before leaving, with Harnisch and Adolf following shortly after to sell a painting to the local Bank Manager, Schultz.

Travelling to Schultz estate in the forest, they sell him a painting of Adolf's past flame, Stephanie. However on the way back, Harnisch realizes that they were overpaid, and having a pang of conscience, Adolf snatches the excess money and races back to the estate to return it. 'However upon returning he see's a ghastly sight as Schultz destroys the painting in front of a terrified Stephanie, whom he had kidnapped after the death of her first husband. Adolf barges in to protect her, but Schultz begins to transform, revealing his true form as the fire serpent Ardnas. The demons flames accidentally ignite Stephanie who dies screaming and Adolf falls to his knees, Ardnas begins to taunt him just as Akira Fudo arrives and quickly kills the demon before the Timeslip reopens, pulling him in with Ryo.

Shortly after, Harnisch finds Adolf walking dejectedly down the street. He tries to ask Adolf what was wrong but is coldly rejected by a frenzied Adolf, who swears to eradicate the Jewish race. As Harnisch calls after him, Adolf keeps walking into the dark, as he begins a career into a path of politics.



  • The story has attracted some minor criticism for its notable historical inaccuracies and bizarrely sympathetic portrayal of Hitler.