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Lilith's minions are lesser demons created by Lilith from humans. They serve as the added muscle for Lilith when fighting against numerous enemies.


While appearances vary, all of these creatures possess gray segmented bodies with head-like parts of various design. On their chests are faces that resemble the humans they once were.


Lilith's minions are mindless creatures that follow predatory instinct and Lilith's instructions, following her every command including acting as suicide bombers.


The lesser demons are able to fly for long periods of time and in high altitudes. Acting mainly as cannon fodder, they attack opponents with fierceness and without mercy. They are able to spit acid from the mouths on their heads that are capable of melting most metals. Under Lilith's command, they can attack from certain points such as the engines of the Dolphin by throwing themselves into the exhaust. They can also latch onto enemies and detonate themselves to take the target out. However since these creatures lack intelligence they can easily be tricked such as when 008 lead them into a body of water to take them out.


When Lilith emerged, she proceeded to change the humans surrounding her into her minions before taking off with them. She would use these monsters to attack the cyborg's ship the Dolphin and cause the ship to crash before having them fight the nine cyborgs. The cyborgs with their abilities and teamwork manage to destroy them all.