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Linghorne was a winged demon, who's ghastly visage would often haunt the dreams of Ryo Utsugi, leading a pack of similar looking devils and slaughtering the tribes of early man in what Utsugi assumed to be the late Cretaceous era. They are a minor character in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Linghorne was a distantly humanoid demon, his body covered in a thin layer of fur. He had long gangly limbs and sharp clawed fingers and toes. A long tail hung between his legs and he had two axe head-like wings sprouting from his back. He had manic eyes, a large toothy smile, pointed ears and a collection of jutting horns upon his forehead.


Linghorne and his compatriots were capable of flight, and would attack with the sharp claws and teeth, slashing and cutting. They could also use the sharpened tip of their tail to penetrate through victims.


Linghorne was something of a spectre, haunting the dreams of the young Ryo Utsugi, in which Ryo would see a group of early humans, still somewhat ape-like in their visage, fleeing in terror as Linghorne led a large swarm of identical looking demons through the sky to attack. The demons, slashed, bit and tore their way through the fleshy humans, tearing limb from body with maniacal glee. Towards the end of the dream Ryo shudders, as he see's Linghorne flying through the sky, a severed hand in his jaws as the devil's face slowly transforms to that of his own. Unbeknownst to him, this would be a looming warning of what was to come.


  • During the first episode of the original 'Devilman' anime, the constantly transforming demon Henge would briefly take the form of Linghorne as he battled the eponymous Devilman. In this, Linghorne was depicted with cherry red skin and yellow eyes.