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The Lion Devilman was one of the three elite Devilmen selected by Dosu-Roku to combat Amon.            


The Lion Devilman was a highly muscled humanoid Devilman, he had a large lion like head and tail with a smaller human face on his chest, his legs were covered in fur.

Powers and Abilities[]

It is obvious from his appearance that the Lion Devilman had ferocious amounts of strength.


He was of the most pure and noble of hearts, which is part of the reason he was chosen.


He alongside the Eagle Devilman and the Ox Devilman  were selected by Dosu-Roku so they could defeat the recently reemerged Amon, despite criticism from the Bonds of Hinduism he fuses with the other two and allows for Dosu-Roku to fuse with them as well to try and stop Amon, it is sadly all for naught.