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Lopsal was a briefly seen demon in the manga 'Shin Devilman'. He was a member of Magistrum's demonic kangaroo-court.


Lopsal was a semi humanoid demon. His left arm was replaced with a cobra,  and his right had a talon like fingers. The lower half of his body is covered in fur nd he had a well muscled chest. He had a long snake like neck, a twisted face, spiked hair and a beard.


Lopsal's snake arm and sharp claws could be used for close combat.


Lopsal was a member of Magistrum's demonic court, and could be seen leading a charge of demons as he descended down from the sky and plucked Jeanne D'Arc from her own era and into their own freakish dimension, the Hellgate.

It is unknown if he was killed by Akira Fudo at the conclusion of the trial, or escaped during the violent chaos.