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Maako's Mother was a young woman who fell victim to the sadistic turtle demon Jinmen. She was a minor character in the short manga 'Devilman: Strange Days'.


She was a young woman with dark hair and porcelain-like features.


In spite of her brief appearance, she showed herself to be a selfless woman willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of her daughter, Maako. She was also a Christian woman, and had passed on her faith to her child.


After rescuing Maako from the jaws of the demon Jinmen, Ryuu Kasuka and Kira Udoa found themselves at a impasse when confronted by his shell of hostages, not wanting to hurt any of them. Uncertain how to proceed as Jinmen attacked and berated them, Maako's mother pushed herself to the center of the fry of screaming faces, and tell the Devilman duo to kill her and her fellow victims in order to save Maako and end Jinmen's evil. In spite of Maako's protests, Udoa reluctantly fires at Jinmen with his arm cannon, killing Maako's mother, the other victims and most importantly Jinmen.