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Magdora is the primary antagonist of episode 26 of the Devilman TV series. He was linked to the Earth and the closer he was the more powerfull he was. He is most famous (prehaps infamous) for killing the reccuring character on the show Lala.


Magdora was a giant demon with a body made of pure lava with short stubby legs and massive wings. He had a long neck and an ugly mishapen face, with a large gapeing mouth and green eyes.

Powers and Abilites[]

Magdora was able to fly with his wings and was near industructable, he could manipulate fire and magma, as well as the earth itself and could even create active volcano's from nothing, this is because he was linked to the Earth itself and the closer he was the stronger he was, however this also works in the reverse as he becomes weaker the further away from the planet he goes.


Magdora was very loyal to Zennon and committed himself to wiping out all of the traitors to the clan. He was arrogant of his power and continuously mocked Devilman after he happily murdered Lala.


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